Obviously it has been a while! Never any update, not ever seen a picture here. Bit sad for a street 'watch' blog! To tell you the truth, we forgot the name of our own blog... But now we're back in action (action is quite a strong, since there wasn't any before), we're going to give what you came here for! So get back for a daily update :)
Another streetwatch blog? Yep! And it is indeed called 'Hit The Ceiling'. What that name has to do with fashion? Nothing, but it doesn't have to right? You might wonder what kind of refreshing addition we could possibly be to the already huge world of fashion blogs. To be honest we don't know either, but since we love fashion we thought we might as well give it a try. The idea is to capture those effortless stylish among the dull and boring. That might be a bit of a challenge since we don't usually spot people that inspire us wardrobe wise on a daily basis, but maybe Amsterdam (and wherever we end up) will surprise us (and you too hopefully!). So that's that for our first post!